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How to select Amethyst Geode in “Fengshui” perspective

The use of amethyst geode as a powerful tool in the deployment of house fengshui is getting very popular now.  This is especially true for countries when the Chinese resides such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and of course Singapore.

Basically, the value or the “power” of the geode can be compiled as follows:

a) Colour – The deeper the colour, the better it is.  But it must be in its natural state and not being artificial interfered.

b) Depth – The deeper of the cavity, the better it is in term of capturing good “qi” flow in from outside of the house.

c) Size of the crystal – The natural formation of the crystal formed inside the cavity also play an important role in determine the value of the geode, in general, the bigger it is, the better.

d) Weight – In most case, the weight of the natural geode (without cement) must be at least 5 kg in order for the geode to have any positive influence to the house environment.

e) Shape – Basically, there are 5 types of shapes which represents different element in fengshui

  • Tall, long represent wood element
  • Triangular represent fire element
  • Rectangular or square shape represent earth element
  • Round shape represent metal element
  • Irregular shape represent water element

f) Impurity – For some of the rarer geode, it will have calcite or (better still) critrine resides within the cavity.  This will enhance the wealth luck of the owner of the geode.


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